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The fresh class system utilized for the fresh new CPI is a slightly modified national sorts of COICOP

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The fresh class system utilized for the fresh new CPI is a slightly modified national sorts of COICOP


  • Classification: COICOP 2018
  • Measurement: Fixed-foot list relative to =100)
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Local frequency: Month-to-month
  • Start time to possess standard list: 1976m1 just like the said, 1974m10 enhanced
  • Start go out to possess detail: 2020m12
  • CCIF 2015, m12 (“_15”)
  • m6 (“_06”)


Even though particular sub-components of COICOP had been gone from significant classification in order to several other, in addition to acquisition and constitution of a few of the biggest section was indeed altered, the fresh national sorts of COICOP are mapped without difficulty towards the international form of COICOP.

Every socio-economic strata is represented in the CPI. Omitted throughout the index’s source population was sets of more seven low-related anybody located in an identical construction unit.

The fresh new CPI is compiled using a mix of urban areas and you may almost every other mixed urban/rural districts where a formidable % of your own people lives and you will an amount raised percentage away from individual purchasing than the populace general.

Brand new COICOP-established national classification and you can programming program useful new CPI is actually consisting of a dozen Divisions or major communities, 31 sub-teams, 54 classes, 82 sandwich-classes, 292 blogs, and you will 398 species.

One another industry container loads and month-to-month costs found in the fresh collection of one’s CPI is actually respected on field rates, also conversion process taxation and you can applicable savings. Outlined tool feature research together with terms of deals are included since the area of the demands to possess month-to-month rates range.

Both the expenses study throughout the earnings and you will expenditure survey and you may the purchase price analysis for the month-to-month rate questionnaire is actually filed for the an accrual basis. The latest weights having tough services and products throughout the CPI markets basket are centered on net purchases (the value of commands faster the worth of sales) of these merchandise, prior to around the globe information.

The menu of goods and services within the CPI business container in addition to their associated index weights were produced from new ENIG which was conducted throughout the a good gien thirteen day several months. That it questionnaire covered house out of every socio-financial organizations both in the fresh new metropolitan and you will outlying sectors of whole nation.

The fresh new loads used on those things within the consumption basket are not upgraded appear to; A separate ENIG was structured temporarily.

The latest container integrated numerous products meeting some of the adopting the requirements: 1. Spending on the thing involved must show 0.05 % or higher of one’s overall costs stated by the source home. 1. Item used 5 percent or more of houses,

A random sampling method is used, and you will details included the fresh department out-of interest and you may variability of your charges for for each and every certain items, to assist influence the necessary level of organizations.

A few of these investigation try accumulated by way of private visits. additional resources All research compiled toward CPI are processed and you may tabulated in the the fresh INEC’s studio inside San Jose.

Private visits playing with forms designed to assemble recommendations from the establishments on shot, distributed during the period of the new times. To choose prices from tools or other public functions, scientists telephone call the organizations of your own organizations taking people attributes, which are affirmed regarding the appropriate version of La Gaceta.

Needs each and every of the things that (products or services) are located inside a specifications Instructions, detailing the advantages of the items concerned making sure that speed researchers can get easily pick the goal issues.

Having temporarily unavailable equipment criteria/sites, costs are imputed in one of two ways. If 50 percent of one’s costs for a product or service are available, the purchase price for the product/specification/retailer is imputed using the cost of the same unit from inside the most other stores. Whenever below 50 % of your own charges for something arrive, the price is imputed with the rate path all of the products in the latest subclass to which the product uses.

Generally speaking, simply implicit quality customizations are designed. The cost having a low-comparable replace unit requirements/socket are omitted of the collection of one’s index until it is available for a few successive months. Head quality adjustments are generally not produced except for changes in the amounts of the merchandise.

When it is identified one a particular item is to try to getting forever unavailable, the item under consideration have to be replaced with a similar unit, having another brand albeit getting the exact same given features because the previous goods.

New items may only end up being produced on the consumption container inside the the big event your root of the directory are altered, something goes hardly ever.

Moody’s Statistics capsules

On the standard directory, i’ve back-longer playing with IMF data (1974m10 so you’re able to 1975m12). You will find constructed a seasonally adjusted similar.

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